Monday, August 22, 2011

Best Free System Optimization Software

The second most useful software after anti-virus for general home user is the System Optimization Tool. Where a good anti-virus software protects your PC from latest online threats like Viruses, Trojan Horses, Rootkits etc., a good system optimization software cleans your PC and optimizes its settings and helps it to achieve its peak performance.

Built-in System Optimization Tools available under Windows

  • Free Up Disk Space - There are a lot of unwanted files, documents, error reports generated by windows etc. occupying your PC’s valuable disk space which you don’t need anymore. If you do not remove them, their size keeps on increasing and thus occupies a large portion of your system’s hard disk space. By running Free Up Disk Space tool on a regular basis you can recover your precious disk space in case you run out of space which also speeds up your system’s speed in that case.
  • Defragment Your Hard Drive - Defragmentation is the process of rearranging the contents of disks or drives so that it can be accessed more efficiently by the CPU. Disk Defragmenter Tool available under windows speeds up your system by defragmenting its  content.
Although these tools are quite useful in some situations but they are not enough. In spite of using these tools some of you might have experienced blue screen errors or slowdown in your pc’s performance or other unexpected errors. So what should you do to prevent this? I think I have an idea. Please allow me to introduce you an all in one system optimization tool – Advanced SystemCare Free. Here are some of the excellent tools it contains:
  • Registry Cleaner - Cleans your registry
  • Privacy Sweeper - Erases your recent activity and surfing history
  • IObit Uninstaller - A more advanced program uninstaller
  • Disk Cleaner - Works same as windows' Free Up Disk Space Tool
  • File shredder - Makes sure that none of your important data a thief can get his hands on
  • Smart RAM - Free up your system's memory in case you need it
  • Internet Booster - Optimizes internet settings for faster connectivity
  • Startup  Manager - Controls what programs should run at system startup
  • Registry Defrag - Defragment the registry
  • Smart Defrag - Defragment your hard drive
  • Game Booster - Optimizes your system's settings which is best for running PC games
  • Undelete - Recovers files deleted from recycle bin
  • Shortcut Fixer - Search your system for ineffective shortcuts and fix them
  • Disk Doctor - Check the hard disk for errors
  • Win Fix - Fix minor problems found under windows
  • IE Helper - Manages internet explorer's add-on and settings
  • Security Hole Scanner - Finds and fixes security holes under windows
  • Process Manager - Shows running processes and performance of your system
  • Driver Manager - Update and backup your drivers
  • IObit Malware Fighter - Removes malwares and spywares from your system
  • Cloned Files Scanner - Finds duplicate files in your system
  • Disk Explorer - Shows a summary of the big files and folders occupying your valuable disk space
  • System Information - Shows your system's important information
  • Empty Folder Scanner - Search and delete empty folders in your system
  • System Control - Helps you change different system's settings
You can either choose to control each of these aspects of your system one by one or you can choose to optimize its important settings with a single click of a button. I think it is the best system optimization software available for free.
Click here to get this tool from its official website
Note: Advanced System Care comes in two versions. One is free and other one is not. The free one is called Advanced SystemCare Free and the premium version is called Advanced SystemCare Pro. Some of the features discussed above are only available in pro version. There is no denying that the premium version is better than the free one but I think free version would be enough for a general home user like me.